The Art of Kirby Basics 

Audio 6 Pack  20.00

Tape 1:

     Closing the Sale

 How to earn the right to ask the customer to buy over and over without creating    pressure.  It involves the use of Sales Clinchers!

Tape 2:

      Volume Close

This is a format that keeps the closing process going until it reaches a normal conclusion.  It eliminates the customer sensing pressure.

Tape 3:

     Knockouts or Vac Kills

This audio teaches how to attack the problem not the customer.  It employs a 7 step test including baking soda test, power tester test, card test, dirt pad test, pencil test, cigarette test and carpet swatch test.

Tape 4:

     Work Ethic

This audio covers your approach to your daily work ethic so as to prepare you to prepare you to take advantage of the full Kirby opportunity.

Tape 5:

     Goals- Job vs. Career- Kirby Olympian

This audio covers the importance of goals.  It looks at the difference in looking at Kirby as a Job vs. Career.  It'll challenge you to become a Kirby Olympian and how to accomplish it.

Tape 6:

     Control- Dealer Daily Root System- Registration

This audio teaches you how to control your daily activity as well as how to prioritize your efforts to maximize results.  It also teaches how to register for and appointment now, later, or over the phone.